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Litigation Support

Whether you are considering a lawsuit, or need to defend against a lawsuit, or are a Law firm supporting a client in litigation, Cognitus Commercial Intelligence can assist. Often uncovering relevant information and data for a litigation case is like finding needles in haystacks. Cognitus Commercial Intelligence supports your legal team through varied legal cases - verifying or refuting basic information, credentials, accomplishments, connections, affiliations, business reputation, involvement in litigation, past histories and basic facts.

Our Litigation Outsource Support Services  Include:

  • Retrieve information on companies and individuals through public records.

  • Verify the physical locations of any type of property and its ownership.

  • Determine relevant financial status.

  • Identify known and unknown business affiliations, subsidiaries and other business entities and partnerships.

  • Verify expert witness credentials.

  • Confirm the location of potential witnesses.

  • Locate relevant information which will be helpful to your legal team.

  • Access nationwide data sources that may challenge stated litigant facts.

  • Research social media sites to obtain available information.

  • Dismantle information and embellishments provided in depositions.

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M&A, PE, VC Deal Support

M&A and investment deals are among the most complex business transactions in the business marketplace. Companies need to continually assess whether they have the appropriate resources to evaluate the proposed transaction.

Too often M&A transactions that look great on paper but are fraught with varied problems that can lead to continuing difficulties for the acquiring organization.

Cognitus Commercial Intelligence can provide our outsource support services and powerful database technology to supplement your staff resources in your due diligence initiatives. Our project management team works with you to provide our database search capabilities as an extension to your team so there are no surprises after a deal is closed. Our Database Due Diligence support will help you identify the potential risks in a new deal so you can make decisions with your eyes open and have all relevant and necessary information and facts at your fingertips.

Cognitus Provides Essential Deal Support Services, Including:

  • Background Database Search Services on corporate entities and executives.

  • Research and analysis support, including issues related to possible FCPA violations.

  • Research subject company subsidiaries, to avoid acquiring any legal issues or other problems along with the parent company.

KYC & AML Support

 An integrated approach to critical Know Your Customer (KYC) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD) can improve visibility into potential risks associated with financial crimes like money laundering and terrorist financing while providing valuable insight into customer life events and changes. 

The Cognitus, Know Your Customer (KYC) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD) services combine powerful database search technology and expansive global risk intelligence to support our support services.

We partner with the best of breed, global data providers to augment and extend your existing KYC


Services include:

  • Customer Due Diligence (CDD)

  • Enhanced Due Diligence

  • Ongoing Customer Review

  • Risk Profiling 

  • Watchlist Screening

  • Adverse Media, PEP, Sanctions, Enforcements and more


Executive Background Due Diligence

In this corporate environment of increasing scrutiny of executives and boards of directors, thorough and extensive analysis of executive and management candidates is vital. Providing thorough and accurate due diligence of executive hires has become an essential requirement to help a company’s corporate governance and protect its Board of Directors from unethical and illegal activities.

Cognitus specializes in Executive Due Diligence; we look at the profile of candidates and providing a complete due diligence search about a candidate’s reputation and behavioral history, seeking out embellishment of education and work accomplishments, or falsification of information in addition to their criminal history and civil litigation issues, including SEC violations.

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Asset Search

Cognitus Commercial Intelligence consulting services provides our clients organizations with a thorough, search analysis for identifying and locating concealed or unknown assets. Cognitus works with clients, from initial assessment to project case conclusion. Asset searches are conducted analyst professionals who are skilled at navigating international business operations, including layers of offshore-holdings, complex corporate structures, and money laundering activities.

Cognitus Can Help You:

  • Identify and locate funds associated with embezzlement or other employee misconduct

  • Identify assets relevant to legal proceedings, whether in determining the viability of filing a lawsuit or pursuing post-judgement enforcement activities

  • Navigate layers of corporate structures and corporate holdings to identify U.S. and foreign financial assets

  • We are experts at finding where and how assets are hidden. If you are in need of a discreet and thorough asset search, let the experts at Cognitus help you.

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Supply Chain Due Diligence

Through Corporate Due Diligence can expose fraud and identify the extensive potential risk factors but can also protect a company's reputation. A company's brand can be greatly damaged without enhanced due diligence. Cognitus Commercial Intelligence outsource services can assist you to protect your company's financial position, its operations, and its reputation going forward.

Cognitus outsource and project management services provides actionable business intelligence and risk avoidance detailed reports to assist companies in their domestic international operations. Our services are directed by our seasoned business and security technology principles with multiple decades of corporate management expertise.

  • Enhanced Due Diligence Mitigates Risk

  • Reduce FCPA Bribery & Corruption Risk

  • Improve OFAC Sanctions Screenings

  • Screening Customer and Suppliers

  • Sanction, Peps and Watch List Verification

  • Anti-Bribery & Corruption Compliance

  • Extensive Content Boosts Due Diligence

  • Custom Due-Diligence Reports